January 2023


Having a misunderstanding with your partner is not a good idea because it affects your physical and mental health. Not to mention, it somehow changes your relationship because it unravels a few undesirable things, such as the consequences of not meeting halfway when it comes to your pleasurable experiences or exploring male and female sex toys that change things.

We are not here to scare you about your relationship with your partner. Instead, let us explore these tips on avoiding conflict with them, specifically about wellness and pleasure.


When someone emphasises the importance of honesty, believe them because it applies to almost all relationships in society. First, if you are planning to buy a cock ring for your partner or want to explore the pleasurable world of sex toys, be honest with them because both parties should be on the same page. Second, there is no point in lying because why would you keep details or change a few things about what you are telling them? Tell them everything without coming off as brutal or rude.


Being gradual goes a long way because people should not rush themselves into trying things or doing something that might not work for them. For instance, buying sex toys online in Singapore does not mean you will add them to your cart and checkout during your first visit to the website. It is essential to think about them, talk it out with your partner, or spend a few days pondering on a particular product that appeals to you. Lastly, take things slow as needed to avoid doing something you might regret.


You might think you are the kindest person in the world when it comes to your partner, or you have this notion that you never do things they do not like. However, there are situations where we become too comfortable or forget the things that irritate our partner. An instance is being too pushy about wanting them to try a panty vibrator or exploring something new at night. So, the key is to practise kindness at all costs and be mindful of your actions. When they say no, there is no reason for you to push things or force them.

Using male and female sex toys requires you to become responsible for your actions and treat your partner well, and if these things appeal to you, has something to offer, and check their website to learn more.