October 2022


A relationship is a commitment. It’s not something magical that ensures you will stay in love with your partner forever. You also have to make ways to keep your relationship fun and sexy. Also, accept that having a relationship means being open about sexual activities. Sex is essential in a relationship because it’s part of being a couple. Of course, you need to be more open about what you like in bed, maybe using a sex toy like a Bluetooth vibrator.

And if you’re planning to use sex toys, you can’t surprise or force your partner to try it with you because you still have to ask for consent. This article will help introduce sex toys into your intimate life.

1. Ask for Consent

It’s helpful to use sex toys to spice up your intimate life. However, you still need to ask for your partner’s consent before using sex toys like Tenga flip or Bluetooth vibrator. Ask your partner if he or she is comfortable adding some toys while being intimate with one another. If your partner says yes, go and try it to improve your sexual relationship.

2. Explain Why You Want to Use Sex Toys


Some may feel offended why you will want to use sex toys. Some people might think that you don’t satisfy them and keep yourself wanting more. Explain why you want sex toys and clarify that it’s not about being unsatisfied but wanting to spice up the intimate relationship. For instance, your partner can use a delay spray for men for better performance.

3. Follow Safety First

Now that you agree to use sex toys with each other, you must also learn the safety procedure to keep your intimate life free from injury. You can read the instructions on the label behind the packaging or ask the seller how to use the sex toy like the Lelo brand. Make sure you follow instructions, especially if this is your first time using sex toys. It also ensures that both of you will feel sexual satisfaction.

4. Explore Together


You can also explore things together with your partner. Aside from the usual bed routine you do with each other, and you can add sex toys to add something new. Perhaps, you can use a We Love sex toy and your partner a Tenga flip. It will make your relationship fun and out of the strict conventional rules.

5. Be Open About Your Experience


Finally, don’t forget to ask your partner about the experience. Does your partner enjoy it? If your partner answered yes, you could continue using sex toys like a Bluetooth vibrator and We Vibe.


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Today, escort services are becoming more popular. Most men prefer hiring women from escort agencies since they are attractive, experienced, and don’t cause problems. Keep reading the article to learn more about escort services in Germany.

Models From Escort

One would assume that models from escort have to be attractive, in good shape, and sexually skilled. But these are not the only recommendations since escort is a much more complex service, especially compared to prostitution. Sex escort in Cologne hires models in perfect shape and with social skills.

It’s safe to say that escort is a premium service. That’s why high-quality escort services have strict rules for models. Here’s a short list:

  • Flawless appearance. Women and men working as escort models must maintain an attractive appearance. They often have tanned bodies with smooth and flawless skin. Typically, women use beauty enhancements, like lip and breast augmentation.
  • Intelligence and sociability. Working for an escort agency requires entertaining clients in different ways. Typically, models know how to turn on men even before undressing. Additionally, models can attend various meetings with clients and maintain conversations.
  • Advanced etiquette skills. As mentioned, escort isn’t mere prostitution; it’s a premium service. Models often attend various events with men, so they have to represent them well.
  • Great sex skills. Escort models have amazing skills in sex and make men forget about all their troubles.
  • Perfect health condition. No one wants to catch an STD, so all escort models take care of their health. Moreover, in the post-COVID-19 era, most models are vaccinated.

Additionally, escort agencies offer privacy. No one will find out about your sexual preferences. You get to spend time with a hot model, and it’s a safe experience from any perspective.

Escort Services

Most people understand that escort means much more than attending an event or spending time with a client. However, services depend on the agency and the model. Some agencies reveal what type of services their models offer. For example, if you take a look at an escort website, you may find a list of the following services:

  • home visits;
  • hotel visits;
  • couple visits;
  • bi games;
  • swinger parties;
  • striptease;
  • shoe and foot;
  • dirty talk;
  • deepthroat;
  • pose 69;

When choosing women from an escort agency, ask the manager what services they provide. Or check out models’ profiles to better understand what to expect from escort services.

Hamburg is a city where there is room for vibrant nightlife. Here, you can ideally spend your leisure time in numerous nightclubs. To make your vacation even more interesting and exciting, you should pay attention to the services of escort models. They are always ready to offer the best services for their money. Escort girls have a good education, so they can keep up the conversation on any topic. They have a good sense of style and behave well in society. Girls always act well-mannered and supportive, so you will get absolute pleasure at night by inviting one of these escorts to your room.

Features of Hamburg escorts

Escort services in Hamburg are becoming more and more in demand. This is because the nightlife in the city is actively in full swing. Working men always want to relax and have a good time in pleasant company. That is why you should pay attention to the services of professional prostitutes ready to give you absolute pleasure. You will get an incredible experience that you will remember for a long time. Escort women amaze with their imagination and unique skills that can bring you great pleasure and relaxation.

You can find a variety of girls to suit your preferences. Escort models in Hamburg attract with their diversity. All of them have certain remarkable features that will not leave anyone indifferent. You can easily pick up the best girl for leisure and nighttime, getting a unique, intimate experience. You will not soon forget about such an experience; each time you remember, you want to return to such a practice.

What to look for when choosing?

Everyone can pick up a good girl if he first decides on all the search criteria. You should pay attention to such features of popular escorts:

  • Many girls enjoy spending time with foreigners as they love to expand their horizons and discover new experiences.
  • German girls from Hamburg are very persistent. They adapt almost immediately to new conditions, so you can have an incredible experience together and have a good time.
  • Such girls do not require any commitment. This is an excellent option for one or more nights to get absolute pleasure and relax, forgetting daily worries.
  • You have a pretty high chance of finding the best girl who fully matches your preferences.

You will have to work hard to find the best escort model, but the result will please you. You will get a good experience, spend your leisure time, relax, and also be able to find the very intimacy that you have been missing for so long. Experiment to get absolute pleasure. Enjoy pleasant leisure together with elite prostitutes.