A relationship is a commitment. It’s not something magical that ensures you will stay in love with your partner forever. You also have to make ways to keep your relationship fun and sexy. Also, accept that having a relationship means being open about sexual activities. Sex is essential in a relationship because it’s part of being a couple. Of course, you need to be more open about what you like in bed, maybe using a sex toy like a Bluetooth vibrator.

And if you’re planning to use sex toys, you can’t surprise or force your partner to try it with you because you still have to ask for consent. This article will help introduce sex toys into your intimate life.

1. Ask for Consent

It’s helpful to use sex toys to spice up your intimate life. However, you still need to ask for your partner’s consent before using sex toys like Tenga flip or Bluetooth vibrator. Ask your partner if he or she is comfortable adding some toys while being intimate with one another. If your partner says yes, go and try it to improve your sexual relationship.

2. Explain Why You Want to Use Sex Toys


Some may feel offended why you will want to use sex toys. Some people might think that you don’t satisfy them and keep yourself wanting more. Explain why you want sex toys and clarify that it’s not about being unsatisfied but wanting to spice up the intimate relationship. For instance, your partner can use a delay spray for men for better performance.

3. Follow Safety First

Now that you agree to use sex toys with each other, you must also learn the safety procedure to keep your intimate life free from injury. You can read the instructions on the label behind the packaging or ask the seller how to use the sex toy like the Lelo brand. Make sure you follow instructions, especially if this is your first time using sex toys. It also ensures that both of you will feel sexual satisfaction.

4. Explore Together


You can also explore things together with your partner. Aside from the usual bed routine you do with each other, and you can add sex toys to add something new. Perhaps, you can use a We Love sex toy and your partner a Tenga flip. It will make your relationship fun and out of the strict conventional rules.

5. Be Open About Your Experience


Finally, don’t forget to ask your partner about the experience. Does your partner enjoy it? If your partner answered yes, you could continue using sex toys like a Bluetooth vibrator and We Vibe.


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