So, you’ve decided to spend the night with someone else. You know what? That’s great! It means you trust them enough for them to be left alone in your place while you’re gone. Maybe it’s your dog they’ll be taking care of while you go out on a romantic dinner date. Or maybe it’s something more private… But whatever the reason is, it doesn’t change the fact that when you leave, they’ll definitely appreciate some tips on how not to mess up your place!

Here are some simple precautions that will help both of you have an amazing time together:

– Check if there are any temperamental plants in the room and move them somewhere where no one will accidentally step on or lean against them. Also, make sure to move any lamps and delicate furniture as well.

– Do not forget to clean up after yourself before leaving. For example, if you’re fond of keeping your windows open for fresh air it may be a good idea to close them before leaving so no one will think about going near them with a lighter or candle…

Or worse, your dog.

– Turn off the water heater at least an hour before you leave. If there’s no timer, make sure it’s turned off at the main breaker. Also, if there are plants that need watering every couple of days, set up a reminder on your phone or something similar so that nothing bad will happen to them while you’re gone.

– Do not use all the sheets and towels in the house before leaving! Extra sheets can be found underneath your bed just like extra blankets can be found inside one of your closets. Don’t forget to leave out enough towels for all guests as well!

– Set up cute little snacks throughout the house so when you come back late at night all you need to do is grab something quick to eat before going into your bedroom to sleep.

– If you have a spare room that no one has claimed, don’t hesitate to leave out an extra toothbrush for them! It’s not like you’ll need it anyway while you’re gone… Right? 😉

Well, if someone still manages to mess things up, try giving them another chance next time! After all, there are some people who just really appreciate having other people around even if they’ve only known each other for a day… Or less! I hope these tips will help both of you have a great night together and have lots of fun memories from now on!

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