To see someone from the inside out is to truly know them, to see their beautiful soul. This is a rare and precious gift, indicating that you have the right qualities within your own soul.

Often, we feel so strongly for someone that we think we are in love. However, this perception can be clouded by past traumas, preventing us from understanding the true nature of our feelings. We grasp at the idea of love, hoping to secure our happiness with that person, but when we look down, we find our hands are empty.

To be ready to find a partner, we must be prepared and willing to grow from experiences that provide personal insight. Facing our truths teaches us difficult lessons, including our misperceptions. Through putting ourselves on the line and loving others, we collect missing pieces of ourselves—discovering our desires, who we truly are, and who we are not. This honesty and acceptance of our truths make us better at recognizing what we want in others. In our quest for the perfect match, we become more authentically ourselves.

We must appreciate them entirely: their depth, their contrasts, and the fabric of their lives, but most importantly, the person they choose to be based on their experiences. Love stems from seeing clearly, and true beauty in a person emerges from embracing both their darkness and light. By focusing only on the bright exterior, you miss half the truth.

Seeing great value in someone’s heart is like hearing a mating call meant just for you. You recognize the infinite elements within them that resonate with you. This knowledge is crucial for many reasons, but the best reason is that it inspires growth. Love unlocks your energy and desire for more because it motivates you to give fully of yourself. 

Offering the most beautiful gifts—your affection, support, and attention, being of service, or simply dedicating your time—becomes your mission. You feel fulfilled when you perform acts of kindness for others, and this fulfillment makes you feel wonderful.

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